10 thoughts on “In The Spotlight: R.V. Raman’s A Will to Kill

  1. Sounds like a good attempt at a Golden Age style, though perhaps those multiple plotlines mean it has more going on than they usually did. I like the idea of the two wills! I wonder if that’s legal over here – I might have one leaving everything to Tommy unless I’m found clawed to death or smothered, in which case it’s off to the Cat and Dog Home for him… 😉


    1. I don’t know if it’s legal to have two wills here in the States, either, FictionFan, but I would definitely protect myself if I were you. With cats’ commitment to world domination, you never know what might happen, and Tommy could get all sorts of ideas… 😉 As for the novel, I thought it evoked the Golden Age pretty well. I was thinking as I read it that the other crime plot threads weren’t as common then as they are now, but I didn’t feel they made the story too ‘busy.’ Everyone’s got their own view, though, and I’ll be interested in yours if you decide to read this one.

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