When Sleuths Wear Masks ;-)

In this uncertain time of pandemic, experts say that we should all wear masks whenever we’re in a public or social setting. And many places are now requiring masks. We’re all handling this a bit differently, since we’re all individuals. Some people are wearing simple, plain, white, black, green or blue masks. Others are wearing fashion masks, or masks with a team logo, or something else. It’s all got me wondering what our top crime-fictional sleuths might do about the mask requirement. I’ll bet they’d all have some good ideas. So, if you’ll set your disbelief up with some snacks and a Netflix film, let’s take a look at what happens…

When Sleuths Wear Masks

Sherlock Holmes (Arthur Conan Doyle) : Conducts a series of experiments to determine which mask materials are the most effective. Meanwhile, his own mask is lying about somewhere in his rooms – probably under the Persian slipper where keeps his tobacco.

Hercule Poirot (Agatha Christie): Is not happy that there are no masks that will allow his moustaches to show in all their glory. Insists that the masks he does wear be properly cleaned and pressed, and go with his suit du jour.

Maud Silver (Patricia Wentworth): Knits her own masks. And masks for everyone she knows.

Nero Wolfe (Rex Stout): Does not want to wear a mask, on the grounds that he never leaves the brownstone. Reluctantly dons a yellow silk mask when clients visit.

Kinsey Millhone (Sue Grafton): Wears the same little black mask for every occasion.

Walt Longmire (Craig Johnson): Has heavy-duty all-weather masks made with sheep’s wool. Ruby makes sure he keeps one in his truck at all times.

Aimée Leduc (Cara Black): Shops online for Christian Louboutin and Louis Vuitton masks. Matches masks carefully to outfit and level of formality.

Maeve Kerrigan (Jane Casey): Never wears floral, pink, or pastel masks. Does not want to hear about it from Josh Derwent.

V.I. Warshawski (Sara Paretsky): Has a Chicago Cubs mask and a Chicago Bears mask. Has had to replace both several times after ‘difficult’ encounters with people who don’t want her to investigate.

Armand Gamache (Louise Penny): Wears custom-designed masks created and painted by Clara Morrow.  Has commissioned several for his wife, Reine Marie.

Got any you’d like to add? If you’re a writer, what would your sleuth do about masks?


14 thoughts on “When Sleuths Wear Masks ;-)

  1. Russell Quant (Anthony Bidulka): Has a striking rainbow mask. (One of my real life friends has one.)

    Hastings: “I say Poirot, look at this mask I had created for you. It has painted upon it a precise replica of your moustache. Everyone will hardly notice you have a mask on.”
    Poirot: Mon Dieu! Be gone Hastings. A painted moustache. An abomination!

    Mickey Haller (Michael Connelly): Wears a black mask with the words “Trouble, call Lincoln Lawyer”

    Well done Margot. Glad the sleuths are back.


    1. These are fabulous, Bill! Thanks for adding to my post. I can just imagine Anthony Gatt advising Russell about the sort of rainbow mask he should have. And the painted-on moustache is terrific – I have a great mental picture. I didn’t even think when I was writing this post about a mask used to advertise, but I can see that one on Mickey Haller – very clever!


  2. Hahaha, these are great! I love the idea of Maud knitting her own masks – why didn’t I think of doing that? Rebus would have a specially made mask with a built-in straw so he could continue to drink safely in the Oxford Bar…


    1. Oh, I love it, FictionFan! I can just see that straw now! And you know, I wish I could knit well enough to do my own masks – I’d love to be able to do that, actually. Glad you enjoyed these!

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  3. Love this, really cheered up my morning. How about Ariadne Oliver – never has her mask with her, it’s lost, or buried under papers in her car, or at the bottom of her giant bag and she can’t find it. Poirot has to bring a spare one for her, which he is careful to wrap and keep sterile: she grabs it from him, drops it on the floor, gives it a quick wipe before putting it on. Then loses it five minutes later.


    1. Thank you, Moira! I’m so glad you enjoyed this. And I love your Ariadne Oliver example. It made me laugh out loud, and I can just see her fumbling with the mask, losing it, etc.. That’s brilliant!


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