10 thoughts on “In The Spotlight: Brannavan Gnanalingam’s Sprigs

    1. It is a tough subject, Col, and Gnanalingam doesn’t pull any punches. It’s a solid look at rugby, at modern New Zealand teen life, and at life in private schools. But no, it’s not easy to read. It is potent, though.


  1. Might be a bit on the gritty side for me, but it sounds as if the author has done a great job of looking at all the cultural issues behind the crime. It’s not out over here yet as far as I can see, but I’ll keep an eye out for it. Enjoyed your discussion of it very much! 😀


    1. Thanks, FictionFan! I’m so glad you liked the post. The book is gritty and uncompromising. I didn’t find it gratuitous, but it certainly doesn’t sugarcoat things. And, yes, it does explore a lot of the socio cultural forces that come into play. If/when you do get the chance to try it, I hope you’ll be glad you read it.

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