6 thoughts on “In The Spotlight: Nikki Crutchley’s The Murder Club

  1. This one sounds very good. I like a small town setting and I’m always partial to a journalist as ‘tec, since it seems to provide a logical reason for involvement. And happily this one is available over here! Onto the wishlist! Looking forward to hearing about the other contenders, despite the trauma to my TBR… 😉


    1. I know just what you mean about a journalist as ‘tec, FictionFan. It’s a natural and believable sort of role. And there are a few scenes in the paper’s office, so readers get a bit of a look at what journalists do. You’ve got a good point, too, about the small town sort of setting. It works here as Miller (who is considered an ‘outsider’) tries to get people to trust her. And you’ll be happy to know this one is not written in the present tense, nor is Miller a damaged detective who can’t maintain a relationship and can’t stay off the bottle. As far as the TBR goes, turnabout and all that! 😉

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    1. Thanks, Anthony. I’d been writing my Spotlight posts, and thought it might be time to try something new. Glad you like the format. And as for the books? You can’t be a professor and writer without being a book nerd, I think. The novel does have a solid sense of a small town, so if you do get to it, I hope you’ll enjoy it.


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