6 thoughts on “In the Spotlight: Charity Norman’s The Secrets of Strangers

  1. Aha, you can’t tempt me with this one since I’ve already read it! I thought she did a brilliant job of building up the tension at the beginning, though I was a little disappointed that it then went off in a somewhat different direction and didn’t keep that initial sense of fear all the way through. Her characterisation was great, though.


    1. Curses! Foiled again, FictionFan! 😉 Well, there’s always next week… I agree with you that the tension is built up really effectively at the beginning of the novel. I liked the way Norman developed the characters, too; you actually learn enough about them so that they seem real, if that doesn’t sound too silly. I thought the claustrophobic atmosphere of the café was very effective, too. Folks, you want to read FictionFan’s excellent review of The Secrets of Strangers.

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      1. Thanks for the link! I’m waiting impatiently to see if you can add another one next week. I warn you, though – I shall be drinking my secret willpower potion before I listen in… 😉


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