8 thoughts on “In The Spotlight: J.P. Pomare’s Tell Me Lies

  1. I’m intrigued by the train incident and like the idea of a fast-paced thriller, but first person, present tense… hmm… I shall mull it over! It’s not available here yet anyway, so I have a bit of time to consider! I’ve enjoyed this series on the NZ awards – have read the Charity Norman already and I’ve added The Murder Club to my wishlist, while this one is a definite maybe, so you’ve done your job well! Too well, in fact… grrr! 😉


    1. Hahaha! Turnabout and all that, FictionFan! 😉 – I am glad you’ve enjoyed this series. I’ll be doing other spotlights, as I used to do, but I thought it would be really appropriate to start the feature up again with these finalists. I hope you’ll enjoy The Murder Club. And as for this one, if I’m being honest, I wondered about it for you since it is first person, present tense. But there are elements of it, too, that I think might appeal to you. Well, as you say, it’s not available in the U.K. yet, so you do have time to ponder…

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