4 thoughts on “In The Spotlight: Colin Conway’s Cozy Up to Death

  1. I’m often quite surprised by some of the darker elements that show up in cosies from time to time. I know there’s usually a murder but it seems the victim should be unpleasant so we don’t have to feel too bad about them, and while the amateur ‘tec can be in danger it feel a bit less cosy of the danger is serious, if that makes sense. Not sure about the local mob element in this – that seems quite hard to reconcile with cosy. But romance is an essential!


    1. Your comment certainly does make sense, FictionFan. We don’t expect the sort of danger in cosies that we see in other sorts of crime fiction. The best of them aren’t ‘frothy,’ so that we can really sense some tension, etc., but most of them don’t have the grit that other crime fiction has. And yet, as you say, we’re seeing more dark elements now than we used to; I wonder if that’s what publishers want, or what authors are doing, or what the public wants? Or, it may be some sort of combination. In any case, it’s interesting you bring up that Mob element. You wouldn’t think it would fit in well, and for some, it may not. But I can say without spoiling the story that it’s not as ‘on-screen’ and gory as Mob activity can be in other crime novels.

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  2. I quite like this series from Colin Conway, Margot. I’ve read and enjoyed this one and Cozy up to Murder, but he has subsequently penned a few more since. He writes them faster than I can read them!


    1. It was actually you who introduced me to Conway, Col, and I’m glad you did. You’re right that there are several in the series now. I’ve not caught up with the series, either, although I’d like to!


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