4 thoughts on “In The Spotlight: Veronica Black’s A Vow of Silence

  1. Thanks for the intro, Margot but probably one I feel I can pass on. Psychological suspense doesn’t always draw me in. I think I prefer more physicality in my reading.


  2. There is something intriguing about convent life, or monastery life, isn’t there? So different to what most of us know and yet set right among us. And of course those Gothic old buildings are the perfect settings for mysteries!


    1. Oh, they really are, FictionFan! And in this case, Black does what I think is an effective job of depicting the buildings. I really felt I was there, if I may use a somewhat tired expression. You make a good point, too, about the monastery life. Most of us don’t experience it, so it’s almost like an alien world. It’s got its own social rules and subtle nuances, and even its own use of language. That part of reading a novel about convent life is really interesting.

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