I’m So Excited*

Writers don’t always talk about this, but there’s a lot of work that goes into writing a story. There are (very bad!) first drafts, later drafts, revisions, and a lot of planning involved. And that takes time. It’s the not-so-fun slog of writing. But it pays off! How? Because it’s really exciting when a new story is ready to go. And mine is!!

Some of you may already know my big news, but in case you don’t…   my new novella, Streets of Gold, will be out on 16 March! It’s been a long, strange trip as the song says, but I like the outcome, and I really hope you will, too!

Many, many thanks to gifted artist Lesley Fletcher for creating this cover. She is very talented! Please visit her site and consider her artwork.

Here’s the cover and blurb:

These Streets Are Not Made of Gold… 

Fifteen-year-old Staci Mckinney thought that leaving home would solve her problems. At least it would get her away from her disgusting stepfather, Nick. But it’s not long before Nick becomes the least of her worries. It’s not easy to live on the streets. It’s a daily struggle to find food and a place to sleep, especially during a Philadelphia winter. Things get even harder when Staci witnesses two men dumping a body. When they see her, too, she has no choice but to go on the run. 

Philadelphia City Councilman Daniel Langdon thought everything would be alright, even after the ‘road rage’ incident that led to a death. After all, nobody knew what happened. Except some kid saw him and his assistant dumping the body. Now he’s going to have to find the girl before she gets the chance to talk to anyone about what she witnessed.  


Coming your way on 16 March!





*NOTE: The title of this post is the title of a Pointer Sisters song.

26 thoughts on “I’m So Excited*

    1. Thanks, FictionFan! I’m so glad you like it all. I really felt fortunate that Lesley Fletcher was willing to do the cover; she really is talented. Streets of Gold will be out in the UK on the same day (16 March) in Kindle format, and probably that day or soon after in paper. I’ll let everyone know if that changes.

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    1. Thanks, Elizabeth! That’s really kind of you. I’ll be in touch about guesting! And about the cover, I truly feel fortunate that Lesley Fletcher was available to do such a great cover – she is talented.


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