4 thoughts on “In The Spotlight: Sherryl Clark’s Trust Me, I’m Dead

  1. Sounds like an interesting mix. I do think that contemporary crime fiction works better when there’s a police procedural aspect to it. For some reason, the amateur ‘tec doesn’t seem so out of place in vintage mysteries, though in real life it was probably just as unlikely. But having an amateur working alongside or against the police is a good way of freshening up the idea of the police procedural and it sounds like this one gets a good balance.


    1. Everyone’s different about these things, FictionFan, but I think Clark got the balance right. And you make a well-taken point that there’s a difference between the ‘gentleman detective’ or an amateur sleuth in a vintage mystery, and an amateur sleuth today. I wonder if it’s because more people are more aware of police protocol? Or perhaps there’s more protocol to be aware of than there was? Hard to say, but I’ve noticed it, too.

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