6 thoughts on “In The Spotlight: Mike Martin’s The Walker on the Cape

  1. Oh, it sounds interesting!
    I love mysteries that take place in small communities. I’m not sure why. Maybe becasue I come from a small community too. LOL! Maybe there’s something that I recognise.
    There’s something kind of personal in stories set in small communities. Something tht is more recognisable.
    I don’t knwo how to explain it better.

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    1. No need to explain it better, Jazzfeathers. There really is something about a small community. We get to know the characters, and we feel more connected to them. And for those who grew up in small towns, there’s a sense of familiarity with the sorts of people who live there.

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  2. Another one that sounds as if it has an interesting setting! I prefer small towns to big cities as a setting, partly because authors sometimes seem to feel that a big city requires a Big Crime – gangsters or serial killers or something of that nature – whereas small town settings tend to be smaller scale, intimate crimes where the motive is personal, if that makes sense.

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    1. Oh, it certainly does make sense, FictionFan. Small towns just lend themselves to the sort of fictional murder where you get to know the people involved, and the motive, etc.. are more, well, personal, as you say. To me, that allows for character development, and you can build just as much tension in a small-town novel (sometimes more!) as you can in a story that takes place in a big city.

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