10 thoughts on “In The Spotlight: Carol Carnac’s Crossed Skis

  1. A good book to spotlight Margot – thank you! I thought this was an excellent book, particularly in the way it caught the setting and atmosphere of post-war London, and contrasted it with the rest of Europe. Great stuff!


    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post, KBR! I agree with you that Carnac/Lorac captures that post-war setting and atmosphere very effectively. And I like the way she explores the way different parts of Europe were impacted, and what life is like in different places – it really added to the story for me!

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  2. Aha, I’ve tricked you this time by fiendishly already having read this one! As always with Carnac/Lorac I felt it was the setting or settings that stood out. I particularly enjoyed the contrast of snow-covered London being grim and cold and dirty, while snow-covered Austria sparkled in the sun! And the feeling of finally being able to go abroad again after the long years of war and austerity are a little similar to our post-Covid desperation to travel again.


    1. Curses, FictionFan! Well, no matter, I’ll get you next time! 😉 I agree with you about both the settings and the contrast between them. It’s so interesting to have those vastly different perspectives on what winter looks like. It’s glorious in Austria and, as you say, dirty and grim and depressing in London. And I do like that feeling of excitement as the young people prepare to travel and actually get to their destination. I hadn’t thought of the comparison to the recent Covid-plagued years, but I can certainly see it!

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