4 thoughts on “In The Spotlight: Pablo De Santis’ The Paris Enigma

  1. Sounds like a fascinating setting! I’ve read a couple of books set in the Chicago World’s Fair – not crime though – and loved all the detail about what was involved. And all those vast numbers of people visiting would make a great background for a series of murders.


    1. I thought the setting was quite well done, FictionFan. De Santis gives a solid sense of what Paris is like during the World’s Fair, and what Buenos Aires is like at that time, too. I think that’s one thing people don’t think about, really: how much detail, planning, and so on was necessary for those big expos. It must have been overwhelming!

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  2. Thanks for the intro, Margot, but not one with much appeal TBH. I have an aversion to historical crime fiction. I usually DO enjoy it when I read it, but I never really fancy it if that makes sense.


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