4 thoughts on “In The Spotlight: B.C. Colman’s A Line Too Far

  1. Sounds very different and quite relevant given what’s going on in the world right now! I’d like to think Australia’s allies would come to her aid, but who knows?


    1. It really is relevant, FictionFan, considering everything going on right now! That was one thing that struck me. As for Australia’s allies, Colman doesn’t portray them as ‘bad guys’ as much as countries unwilling to take the courageous step and stand with Australia. There is a bit of disbelief needed there, as I would like to think those allies would take Australia’s cause. But as you say, who knows? And right now, really, who knows? It’s an interesting question, though.

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    1. I really thought it was topical, too, Col. And there’s an interesting weaving together of politics, personal stories, intrigue, and so on. If you read it, I hope you’ll enjoy it.


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