16 thoughts on “In The Spotlight: R.W.R. McDonald’s Nancy Business

      1. Well, that wasn’t very successful. AmazonUK only appear to have both books in the series on audio. One of them is available as a paperback but quite expensive. Assume the difficulty is due to them being NZ published books. I thought ‘everything’ connected to books was available on Amazon these days… apparently not.


      2. Oh, sorry to hear that, Cath! I think it probably is likely that it’s because the book was published in NZ. I really do hope they’re made available where you are soon. It makes me wonder why publishers don’t make books more widely available.


    1. I agree, FictionFan. I do get so tired of dysfunctional families in fiction. This one is mercifully free from all the drugs, drinking, and so on that we see too often in the genre. And I know what you mean about child narrators; sometimes it works quite well, and sometimes….

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      1. I did read the books in order, Becky, and I think that does give some helpful background information. However, I I’m one of those people who tend to read series in order. Not everyone feels the same way.

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  1. Is it Alan Bradley who has a young sleuth? I’m kind of reminded of that series. Probably one I’ll pass on, to be honest. Too much already I’m afraid!


    1. I know the feeling, Col – always more than we have time to read, I think. And, yes, Alan Bradley’s sleuth is a young girl (she’s 11 in the first novel). Good memory! And I think there are some similarities between the two, which I hadn’t thought of at first – thanks for the insight.


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