A Meeting of the ‘In The Spotlight’ Staff

It’s been a while since we caught up with the diligent staff that makes this website possible. Let’s see what’s going on and what’s new! Let’s listen in on…


A Meeting of the ‘In The Spotlight’ Staff 

The scene is a small but comfortable conference room. Three people are seated at the table: Sally, who researches for the show; Bryan, the head writer; and Tyler, who produces the show.

Tyler: Where’s Margot? Has anyone seen her?

Bryan: Didn’t she come in today?

Sally (Shaking her head): No. Lily told me she’s doing a personal appearance today.

Bryan: What? Where? Why didn’t she tell us?

Tyler: Typical! We really needed her for this meeting! The next episode of In The Spotlight goes live on Tuesday, and she’s got to be here for the filming!

Sally: Yeah, I know. But Margot’s out today signing her books and meeting readers.

Bryan: Ha! She doesn’t even write them herself! We all know Lily does it all.

Tyler: Yeah, well, Margot’s the face of the show. People expect her at these signing and meet-and-greet things.

Sally gets up and pours herself a glass of water from a pitcher on a side table. Then she sits back down.

Tyler: Sally, did Margot put in for any expenses?

Sally: Yup. For the limo ride, designer suit from (glances at her tablet computer) Dolce & Gabbana, shoes, bag, the whole thing. Oh, and the bill from the salon/spa.

Bryan (Low whistle): That’s going to set us back a lot.

Tyler: We ought to at least post about it on social media.

Sally: I thought of that. If we’re going to spend all this money, at least let’s get the word out. Here’s what I have so far:

Margot’s going to be signing books and meeting readers at Helen’s Bookmark, Escondido, California, from 10 AM -3 PM Pacific Time on Saturday, 22 October.

What do you all think?

Tyler: I like it. It’s short but says what needs to be said. Bryan nods his agreement.
OK, I think that’s it for now, everybody. Thanks a lot.

Everyone stands up and pushes chairs back in. On the way out, Sally mutters, ‘Thanks a lot, Margot! Now we have to pull this next show together ourselves!’

11 thoughts on “A Meeting of the ‘In The Spotlight’ Staff

    1. Hahaha! Well, you know, FictionFan, someone has to do the actual work around here. I can’t be expected to, can I? 😉 Now, if you’ll excuse me, my personal stylist is here, and he does not like to be kept waiting… 😉

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