There’s Something Special On My Mind*

For me, one of the truly great things about being in the crime fiction/crime writing community is the fine group of people I’ve come to know. One of them is crime/thriller writer Cat Connor. Based in Wellington, she’s got lots of experience at crime writing, and has written two series. She’s also a lovely person.

That’s why I am so excited and proud to announce that Cat and I have teamed up! Beginning on 6 February 2023, we’ll be offering a six-session seminar on the elements of a crime story and how to weave them together. We’ll be covering topics like character development, types of crimes and motives, writing dialogue, and creating descriptions. We’ve designed the seminar for people who’ve read, but haven’t written, crime stories, but would like to try. We’re hoping it will give them the tools they need to start writing their own crime fiction.

We’re looking forward to the seminar and can’t wait to get started! Interested in being a part of it? Check out the seminar’s website.

Rather not participate? No problem. The seminar would make a great gift to someone you know who might be interested. Also rather not? Also no problem. But we would appreciate your using your social media to pass the word along!  Thanks!

*NOTE: The title of this post is a line from Carole King and Gerry Goffin’s I’m Into Something Good, made famous by Herman’s Hermits.

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