6 thoughts on “In The Spotlight: Katherine Bolger Hyde’s Arsenic With Austen

  1. Great review, Margot. I have got to admit that I would have avoided the book based on the title, but your review convinces me to give this book a try someday.

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    1. Thanks, Tracy. I’m not sure the title is the most apt, myself. The alliteration works, but it’s a different sort of story to the sort of story the title evokes. Oddly enough, I resisted reading it at first for the same reason.


  2. I agree with Tracy – the title would have put me off, but the book sounds more interesting than the title suggests. I don’t read enough cosies and I don’t know why. The idea of touching on dark subjects without feeling the need to be graphic or gruesome definitely appeals!


    1. I know just what you mean, FictionFan, about the title! I honestly wondered about that, too. It’s funny about cosies. I don’t usually read a lot of them, but sometimes, they can be very well-written. And I agree that it’s perfectly possible (and refreshing!) when a book can touch on some darker things without being gruesome. I’ve never understood the need for a lot of gore. At any rate, if you read this one, I hope you’ll enjoy it !

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  3. This sounds like an interesting book, Margot, with a great setting (off the beaten path where everyone wants everything to stay the same). Also, the romance element between two 50-ish characters is very appealing as well as the lack of gore. Thanks, Margot . Sounds like a good novel to read on a cozy snowy day.


    1. It is that sort of a book, Carol – something you read with a cup of tea and warm, fuzzy socks. At the same time, though, it’s not a ‘frothy’ book, and I appreciate that about it. And, yes, it is refreshing to have a (re)budding romance between two people who are in middle age. It’s not done well often enough, in my opinion.

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