4 thoughts on “In The Spotlight: Fergus Hume’s The Mystery of a Hansom Cab

  1. Aha, you can’t add this one to my TBR because it’s already on it! I added it a couple of years ago when some other blogger, unfortunately I can’t remember which one, reviewed it, but I’d really forgotten what it’s about. You’ve raised my interest in it again, and I really must get it off the TBR and onto my reading list soon! I’m intrigued by your comparison to the characters in Conan Doyle’s stories…


    1. I’m glad you’ve got it on your list, FictionFan. I’d be really interested in what you think of it. What’s interesting about this one is that there isn’t a brilliant sleuth who puts the police to shame. Rather, it’s two coppers who between them put the case together. The one thing that’s more apparent here than in the Conan Doyle stories is the classism. Still, it’s another look at the classical detective story and I wonder what you’ll make of it when you get there.

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