4 thoughts on “In The Spotlight: Harini Nagendra’s The Bangalore Detectives Club

  1. Okay I think I might just buy this book. This review and your take on the book really intrigued me because I live in Bangalore. 1920s Bangalore is a far cry from the city it is today, but still, I’ve spent most of my life in the city, and it’s home. I always look at pictures of Old Bangalore and wonder what life must have been like then. I guess this book will give me a little glimpse. And there’s nothing like a murder mystery. The Century Club is still around btw. I’m also so glad that you mentioned that there’s no one India Margot. That’s very very true. Great video.


    1. Thanks, OP, for the kind words. I’m so pleased that you liked the analysis and the video; that means a lot to me since you know Begalaru so well. I can only imagine how different the city is from the way it was at the end of the Raj. That alone would make for a fascinating exploration! How interesting, too, that the Century Club is still around. I’ll bet it has stories to tell… If you read this book, I hope you’ll enjoy it. As for India, I must say I’ve never lived there, but I’ve learned from those who do that There really is no one India. There’s too much diversity in history, culture, and so on for that.

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    1. I liked this one as a start to the series, too, FictionFan. And, yes (!), it really does make such a big difference when the characters are sympathetic. I don’t usually like to express personal opinions when I’m doing these In The Spotlight spots; I’d rather let people make up their own minds. But I will say that I found the main characters sympathetic.

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